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Software Craftsmanship

Thursday, 10th December 2020 | 20:30 – 21:30 CET

Software Craftsmanship

When a craftsman starts a job, they look into their toolbox, selecting the tools and methods that best serve the job at hand. The craftsman continuously fills their toolbox with on-the-job experience, training and education. The craftsman also takes unconditional responsibility for all their decisions and all aspects of their work.

The craftsman is secure in their mastery. This means that they are open to being challenged on any aspect of their work and their assumptions, but nobody would question that they can’t do their job.

In this webinar, Bart Vanderbeke will share with you his first-hand experience of being a Software Craftsman.

You will learn:


What is to be unconditionally responsible for your craft

How to distinguish between using a process because you WANT to, or because you HAVE to

How your very thoughts have the power to impact your work and you team

How to develop awareness of your thoughts, and thus harness their power to serve your craft

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for all software professionals who:

Want to realise full autonomy in their work

Want the power and freedom to be creative and innovative

Love what they do, and want to become masters at what they do

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About your host…

Bart Vanderbeke

Bart Vanderbeke


Bart has 20 years’ experience managing software teams and creative embedded software, PC software and IT systems.

He is an avid explorer of ways of thinking and decision making that serves the complexity of the current world. It is his personal mission to build skilled teams and coach them to success by introducing 21st century thinking at the individual as well as the team and organisational level.

His favourite scientist is Oliver Heaviside – the Godfather of electrical engineering.

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