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Soft Skills for Effective Engineers 

Part 1: Self Responsibility and Competence

Thursday, 09. June 2022 | 19:30 – 20:30 CET

Thursday, 28. October 2021 | 19:30 – 20:30

Self-Responsibility and Competence | Part 1 of 3

Sandra Roth delivers a 3-part series of progressive 1-hour webinars that explore the key soft skills needed on an individual, social and cultural level in the workplace.

In order to stay ahead in the age of innovation, we need to ensure we have happy, productive and amiable teams who are confident to create, pioneer and challenge. The people in your organisations are your biggest asset; they are the ones with the ability to develop products which propel your company into being masters of innovation. So, you need to look after your people – establishing a robust work culture where ideas are shared, opinions are valued, and individuals are encouraged to be self-aware and responsible in their workspaces. For this to happen, we must sharpen and engage essential soft skills.

Soft skills for engineers are as vital to healthy work practises as academic and technical skills but are often neglected or overshadowed. They are the characteristics that build successful relationships, empower individuals and employees to make decisions and give you the confidence to manage yourself and inspire others.


Self-Responsibility & Competence – Part 1 

To be effective and adaptable in the workplace, you need to be responsible for your actions, interactions and performance. This means having a deep self-awareness and an understanding of one’s boundaries, motivations and coping mechanisms – especially when under stress. It also means exercising empathy, knowing how your behaviour impacts interrelationships and understanding how your inherent biases and assumptions influence your communication and decisions. And it means being open to receiving the perspectives of others and responding to them in productive ways.

These are skills we are all capable of yet many of us fail to make them standard practice in our interactions. While changing work cultures require systemic changes, one can and must start at the individual level.

Having self-responsibility and competence gives you the assurance and confidence to tackle problems by thinking empathically, creatively and objectively. It enables you to be reflective and flexible, thus, building fruitful relationships that empower you to manage conflicts constructively. Self-responsibility and competence drive success, not through forceful accomplishment of goals, but through a consideration of all elements, complexities and people involved.

By addressing individual wellbeing through self-responsibility, professional competence follows which helps towards maintaining a healthy ‘work-life balance’.


 In this 1-hour webinar you will learn the importance of Self-Responsibility and Competence, looking at: 

Key aspects of self-responsibility and competence.

The ladder of inference - how our mental models and cognitive biases affect our actions.

Identifying inherent biases, whilst learning to appreciate those of others, and understanding their influence on your decision-making.

How understanding biases enables better and fairer decisions in work and life.

Managing your time so you meet deadlines and organisational expectations, whilst ensuring you have equilibrium in your work and home life.

Identifying your individual stress coping techniques and discovering concrete ways to improve our energy balance in the long-term.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for anyone who is…

interested in learning about how people think, judge and make decisions. 

interested in more constructive, social interactions and communications. 

looking to improve their stakeholder management skills. 

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About your host…

Shaun West

Dr. Sandra Roth

 Sandra is a leadership, team and change management coach with a sound background in Psychology and a decade of experience in R&D of medical devices and mobility. Sandra holds an M.Sc. in Psychology, a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction and several coaching accreditations. 


  • Founder and owner of Dr. Sandra Roth coaching & consulting. 
  • Head of Software Projects at Mobility Cooperative, Rotkreuz, Switzerland. 
  • Head of Diagnostics Development Consulting & Services at Roche Diagnostics Int. Ltd, Rotkreuz, Switzerland. 
  • Senior Manager User Experience & SW Architecture at Roche Molecular Systems, Pleasanton, USA. 


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