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Soft Skills for Effective Engineers 

Part 2: Communication and Team Playing

Thursday, 25. August 2022 | 19:30 – 20:30 CET

Communication and Team Playing | Part 2 of 3

Sandra Roth delivers a 3-part series of progressive 1-hour webinars that explore the key soft skills needed on an individual, social and cultural level in the workplace.

In order to stay ahead in the age of innovation, we need to ensure we have happy, productive and amiable teams who are confident to create, pioneer and challenge. The people in your organisations are your biggest asset; they are the ones with the ability to develop products which propel your company into being masters of innovation. So, you need to look after your people – establishing a robust work culture where ideas are shared, opinions are valued, and individuals are encouraged to be self-aware and responsible in their workspaces. For this to happen, we must sharpen and engage essential soft skills.

Soft skills for engineers are as vital to healthy work practices as academic and technical skills but are often neglected or overshadowed. They are the characteristics that build successful relationships, empower individuals and employees to make decisions and give you the confidence to manage yourself and inspire others.



Communication & Team Playing

Effective communication skills are at the core of any successful organisation. Effective communication is streamlined and transparent, messages are clear, objective and interpreted correspondingly, thus allowing people to work with purpose and confidence. Effective communication is open and respectful, encouraging people to share and collaborate. Effective communication means your team is more productive, supportive and willing to innovate.  

But you know what? Mastering effective communication individually and across an organisation is no small feat. We all perceive and interpret things differently; our unique and individual experiences, biases and perspectives all affect how we deliver and receive messages. This coupled with incongruent or ambiguous communication can lead to confused, frustrated and unmotivated teams who lack unity and drive.  

The first step for cultivating effective communication in your organisation is having an awareness of our own mental models and developing skills that enable us to listen actively and communicate concisely.  

Once we have a base level of self-responsibility and competence we can begin to model and interweave effective communication into the organisational culture in our interactions and start building the consensus towards an organisation where individuals feel secure and committed, and teams work together to achieve common and coherent goals. 

From there, we also have the tools necessary to develop explicit communication guidelines at organisational, collaborative and individual levels.   

In this 1-hour webinar you will explore key areas of communication and team playing such as: 


Exploring different modes of communication: implicit, explicit and metacommunications.

Understanding how messages can be processed, delivered, and actioned according to individual biases.

Refining and improving communication style and listening skills to enable more successful interactions at work.

Establishing organisational communication guidelines.

How to manage and leverage different personalities and differences constructively.

Addressing conflicts and assessing ways to best resolve them.


Trusted methods of negotiation and intervention.

Delivering successful feedback.

A brief recap of the Sandra’s previous webinar Self-Responsibility & Competence will also be discussed. 

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for anyone who is…

Interested in more constructive, social interactions and communications. 

Looking to improve their stakeholder management skills. 

Looking to enhance their team spirit and engagement. 

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About your host…

Shaun West

Dr. Sandra Roth

 Sandra is a leadership, team and change management coach with a sound background in Psychology and a decade of experience in R&D of medical devices and mobility. Sandra holds an M.Sc. in Psychology, a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction and several coaching accreditations. 


  • Founder and owner of Dr. Sandra Roth coaching & consulting. 
  • Head of Software Projects at Mobility Cooperative, Rotkreuz, Switzerland. 
  • Head of Diagnostics Development Consulting & Services at Roche Diagnostics Int. Ltd, Rotkreuz, Switzerland. 
  • Senior Manager User Experience & SW Architecture at Roche Molecular Systems, Pleasanton, USA. 


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