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MBSE Adoption:

Empowering the Human Factors of
MBSE Adoption Using ADKAR

Thursday, 09 December 2021 | 20:30 – 21:30 CET

The Journey of MBSE adoption

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) promises many benefits for solving document-based engineering challenges. However, the journey of MBSE adoption relies on several human, financial, organisational, and technological factors. Organisations that decide to adopt MBSE must be aware of those factors.

This webinar will outline the importance of the human factors in MBSE adoption, and explain how the use of change management models such as ADKAR empowers these human factors and improves MBSE adoption.


In this webinar, you will learn:



How to speak your MBSE stakeholders’ language and be more motivating, engaging, and energising.


How to target time and cost factors by acting as a Systems Engineer, and asking positive and proactive questions.

How to change from self-interest tool selection decision-making, to competition based decision-making.

How to teach to understand MBSE instead of teaching to memorize it.

How to change your MBSE meeting rules.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for anyone who is…

Advocating MBSE in your organisation

Responsible for managing MBSE adoption

In a lead role in Systems Engineering

In a role of driving Systems Engineering changes within an organisation

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About your host…

Mohammad Chami

Mohammad Chami


Model-Based Systems Engineering expert with solid academic and industrial experience in modelling languages, processes, developing and deploying methods for system modelling and customising its tools.

Other qualifications:

  • Mohammad holds two master’s degrees in Electronics and Mechatronics, and the OMG Certified Systems Modelling Professional Certificate (OCSMP).
  • Has the Bombardier Recognition of appointment as “Engineering Management, Processes, Methods and Tools” Expert.
  • Is a member of INCOSE and actively participating in its chapters GfSE, SWISSED and other activities (e.g. OMG, NOSE, AFIS, MODELS).
  • Author or co-author of numerous publications.
  • Has presented at several international conferences.


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